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Best Rugby Essentials For Safer Playing

Rugby Essentials - Playing rugby in UK

Best Rugby Essentials For Safer Playing

Rugby is an excellent sport for boosting confidence, physical fitness, and mental health. Playing rugby can help to strengthen your upper body because when you throw the ball, it builds up arm muscles. It also allows players to develop muscular legs due to constant running and jumping.

Though it is a popular and fantastic sport among people, it can be violent at times. Therefore, rugby essentials and supports are used by players to avoid rugby injuries that can occur during the game and prevent you from playing. If you’re going to participate in a rugby game, you must be protected appropriately with the necessary rugby essentials and supports. It may help you to reduce many unwanted accidents and injuries. According to the statista, concussion is the most occurred rugby injury followed by hamstring and AC joints in 2019.

How Can I Protect My Body While Playing Rugby?

Playing sports without the appropriate equipment may be pretty dangerous. If you’re not careful enough, a fun game might turn into a doctor’s visit. Playing fairly, warming up, and wearing the right gear minimises your chances of getting injured.

Wearing proper safety equipment is one of the most critical factors to limit the risk of injury. It allows you to focus on the game rather than worrying about pain or injury. Arm braces, knee pads, and other protective equipment should be worn while playing.

Rugby Essentials - hand supports

How Does Safety Equipment Help You to Avoid Rugby Injuries?

Protecting yourself while playing rugby is necessary, and there are various types of rugby essentials that can help you avoid injuries. Safety equipment is meant to help players by defending themselves from mild to severe rugby injuries and discomfort.

Moreover, rugby players with previous injuries are at more risk of re-injury. They should be more concerned about protecting themselves by taking preventive measures before playing. Although, safety gear might help players to limit the risk of recurrence of injury. It also helps to provide additional support and faster recovery to the injured part of your body.

What Protective Equipment Should I Wear for Rugby?

Rugby is a high impact demanding game that requires the use of several body parts to achieve peak performance.  And if you’re a rugby player, make sure you warm up before the match. However, wearing the right protective gear can also help you to prevent injury and further damage. Any sport that includes a lot of running and jumping requires safety essentials like wrist, knee, and elbow guards. These safety protectors prevent cuts, scratches, severe sprain, and strain, or even a fracture.

Types of Rugby Essentials & Supports That Can Help You to Avoid Rugby Injuries

  • Ankle Support
  • Back Support
  • Knee Support
  • Shoulder Support
  • Wrist and Hand Support

1. Rugby Ankle Support For Ankle Pain And Injury

Rugby Ankle brace or support gives your ankles and joints extra support. It helps in lowering the risk of injury and speeds up the recovery process. It may help to relieve muscle pain and increase blood circulation. You can wear it for indoor and outdoor activities or while playing and working. It helps in the treatment of pulled or torn ankle muscles as well as provides support and protection.

Rugby Essentials - ankle supports

2. Rugby Back Support For Back Pain And Injury

The Rugby Back support can help you to support your back and helps to compress it. Compression helps to speed up the healing process by increasing blood circulation. It can be worn to support and stabilise your back. You can use it for many indoor and outdoor sports, including trekking, running, jumping, and many others.

Rugby Essentials - back supports

3. Rugby Knee Support For Knee Pain And Injury

Knee Support can help athletes to protect and support their knees. Wearing a Rugby knee brace or support also helps with pain relief and is worn regularly. They help to reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain in the knee joints. They relieve chronic knee pain caused by arthritis, strains, and sprains, and they’re also great if you have undergone surgery.

4. Rugby Shoulder Support For Shoulder Pain And Injury

The shoulder support helps discomfort, stiffness caused by sprains and strains, rotator cuff problems, and other injuries to the shoulder. It is ideal for everyday activities and games like basketball, rugby, and tennis. It may help you support your injured shoulder and limit its movement until it has recovered completely.

Rugby Essentials - shoulder supports

5. Rugby Wrist and Hand Support for Wrist Pain and Injury

Wrist or hand support improves overall hand strength and stability. It is excellent to reduce the wrist pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, tendonitis, and other injuries. The wrist support will brace your wrists and prevent further damage. It helps to increase blood flow and speeds up the recovery process by giving additional support.


Rugby demands physical strength and stamina with specific positions such as jumping and accurate kicking. Plus, it is a high contact sport that involves players pushing, kicking, and running together behind the ball. That is why rugby players experience many injuries when playing on the ground. However, Rugby essentials prevent you from moderate to severe injuries and discomfort.

360Relief offers a variety of rugby supports and braces that can help with various injuries and pain. They come in several colours and sizes that suit your requirements. These supports provide an outstanding balance of comfort and relief while allowing you to play without getting worried.

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