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Leap Health on This Leap Year – How to Stay Healthy and Active in 2024

Leap Health on This Leap Year – How to Stay Healthy and Active in 2024

Leap Health on This Leap Year – How to Stay Healthy and Active in 2024

A year with 366 days – leap year occurs once every four years. With an extra day in February, it’s important to enjoy this leap year with zest and zeal. The extra days also give you a rare opportunity to reflect on your health and make healthy decisions. We all set our goals and resolutions at the start of the new year, but in this busy and hasty life, we often forget about them.

That is why the extra day of February is a perfect opportunity to reflect on our goals and resolutions and try to do our best to fulfil them. Leap year also symbolises a chance to step out from our daily tiring routines and do something for which our future self will thank us. It’s a chance to step into something positive.

So, don’t overlook the significance of this amazing day, which can help you maintain good health. Most of the people don’t know where to start. If you are one of them, this guide is for you. Here, we will talk about active lifestyle and health resolutions that you can follow throughout the year.

Common Winter Injuries and Health Problems

February is the month of winter, in which the cosiness in homes is still needed. However, winter months often come with several winter-related injuries that can impact your performance and activity in a bad way. Several winter-related injuries that you should be aware of are discussed here for your better understanding:

  • Hypothermia: The core temperature of the body drops below 35.0 °C in humans. Shivering and mental confusion are commonly seen.
  • Back Injuries: Pain in the back, shoulders, hips, and abdomen area are often characterised by back injuries. If you slip on your backside, it can also cause head injuries and concussions.
  • Neck Injuries: In winter, pain in the neck is a common issue. This can occur because of traumas, repetitive strains, sprains, etc.
  • Slips and Falls: Icy surfaces often cause slips and falls that lead to severe fractures and sprains. It can happen in outdoor areas and sidewalks.
  • Sports Injuries: Winters have various entertaining sports, such as Skiing, Snowboarding, and Ice skating. However, these sports injuries also cause several health-related issues like fractures, pain, tenderness, fatigue, etc.
  • Road Accidents: Driving on icy and snowy roads is indeed a challenging task. However, if you follow safe driving practices and wear safety products, this can be an effective precautionary measure.

Setting Health Strategies

Setting health strategies is an essential and crucial factor. You need to know about your body and have a clear idea about what parts are highly affected. Moreover, if there are some weaker parts, such as knees, set a clear approach for that.

Consider using products that always provide stability and flexibility. Plus, if you have any other conditions that get worse, consider contacting your healthcare provider. Don’t forget to take all the precautionary measures.

How to Provide Stability to The Body While Staying Active

Staying active in winter is quite a challenging thing. However, you cannot compromise your health with inactivity. That is why it’s essential to stay active even with support products. No matter if you are sitting on an office chair, driving a car, playing sports, or up for skating, there’s always room for improvement; sometimes, the body loses balance, and staying stable is more difficult than ever.

So, to cater to this issue, learn proper techniques of sitting, standing, bending, etc. In addition, staying stable also comes with several handy tips, including the ones mentioned below:

  • Core Strengthening: Do exercises that can strengthen the core muscles, such as obliques. Planks and stability ball exercises are helpful in this scenario.
  • Balancing Exercise: Yoga plus Tai Chi are the perfect choice for optimising overall body balance. If you are efficient in these exercises, you can maintain balance with several exercises.
  • Strength Training: Squats and deadlifts engage multiple muscles together, promote overall stability, and strengthen the body muscles.
  • Wearing Body Support Products: If you want to stay active with optimal stability, nothing is better than body support products. For example, if you are playing hockey and after that you feel pain in the knee, wear an adjustable neoprene knee support brace.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a dream of every person. All of us want to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle and maintain an active lifestyle. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to maintain an active lifestyle because this section will help you in this matter. Thus, let’s get into it without any further delay:

  • Consume a Balanced Diet: Before anything else, pay attention to your diet. Consume a healthy diet rich in all the needed nutrition. To avoid overeating, opt for portion sizes.
  • Lose Weight: Ideal body weight is between 50 to 55 KG. An obese patient is at risk of developing more health conditions in comparison to a fit and healthy person. Thus, pay attention to your body weight and use BMI to calculate your ideal weight.
  • Sleep and Stress Management: No matter how busy you are, don’t compromise on sleep. 7 to an hour of sleep is essential for every individual. With adequate sleep, you can stay fresh and active all day. Moreover, practice meditation and deep breathing exercises to manage stress in both mind and body.
  • Stay Hydrated: In winter, water intake gets low, which is quite an unhealthy thing. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water with herbal teas.
  • Protective Gears: Protective gear such as copper compression socks for men and women and wrist thumb support for weight lifting and gym training are reliable options.


In the above discussion, we have looked into the health strategies for the leap year. During this leap year, you can stay active and healthy as per your liking by following some simple techniques and tips. Winter comes with various health-related issues, which are quite challenging. However, you can cater to this issue by wearing protective gear and doing exercises and training. The tips through which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle are also discussed above.

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