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Is it Tennis Elbow if my Elbow Hurts?

Is it Tennis Elbow if my Elbow Hurts?

Tennis elbow is one of the most common cause of elbow pain in both professional and leisure sports. Despite its name, you don’t have to play tennis to be affected by it. Tennis elbow can be triggered by activities at home and at work, leading to the phrase “my elbow hurts.”

Causes of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is caused by inflammation of the forearm’s extensor tendons, which connects to the upper arm bone right above the elbow joint. Overuse of the arm, forearm, and hand muscles is the most common cause of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is particularly common among painters, plumbers, and carpenters.

 According to a Research, Tennis elbow affects auto workers, cooks, and even butchers at a higher rate than the general population. It is claimed that the repetitive nature of these jobs, as well as the weightlifting that is necessary in their job, contributes to damage. In racquet sports like tennis, inappropriate equipment and the wrong stroke technique may also cause Tennis elbow.

Who gets it?

Tennis elbow affects both men and women, specially between the ages of 30 to 50. But it may also occur in younger and older age groups.

tennis elbow - girl with wlbow pain


Tennis elbow is characterized by pain on the outer side of the elbow. Touching this area causes it to become tender. The pain can be from your elbow to your forearm & Wrist.

Common Symptoms of Tennis Elbow includes:

  • Weak grip Strength
  • Pain on outer side of the arm
  • Pain felt when the elbow is straight, and the hand is moved forward or backward.
  • Constant pain in your elbow area
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It is Multifunctional, helps to ease the pain from the following:

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It’s essential that you get medical help to get a proper diagnosis. A forearm elbow brace/sleeves may be recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Nonsurgical therapy works for about 80% to 95% of individuals.

  • Rest: Giving your arm adequate rest is the first step towards recuperation. For several weeks, you will have to refrain from or reduce your involvement in sports, heavy work activities, and other activities that create uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Medication: To help minimize discomfort and swelling, anti-inflammatory medicines may be used.
  • Physical Therapy: Strengthening the forearm muscles can be achieved through certain exercises.
  • Brace: An elbow brace’s function is to distribute pressure across your muscles so that the afflicted area does not bear the brunt of the stress. Elbow sleeves/brace helps to warm the muscles which minimize the risk of injuries.

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