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Five Ways To Avoid Or Support Wrist Injuries Or Arm Injuries

Five Ways To Avoid Or Support Wrist Injuries Or Arm Injuries

Studying the anatomy of wrist and arms shows that it contains numerous joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. They all need careful protection when doing sports or leading an active life. We do so much with our hands and arms, especially during sports. Having a wrist injuries or arm injuries can seriously debilitate our lifestyle and impede our athletic training.

Wrist injuries are some of the most common accidents that sports players and athletes experience. Symptoms of a serious wrist or arm injuries like a break, tear, cut or sprain include swelling, pain, numbness or coldness. You might also experience abnormal twisting of the fingers or hand, or persistent bleeding.

wrist injuries - pain in wrist

In addition, there might be clicking or grating sounds when the arm or hand moves. In the case of a break, you may not be able to move the fingers, hand or arm at all. This will require an x-ray to confirm diagnosis. In any case, apply RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation – and seek medical help.

Prevention is better than cure…

The good news is that there is plenty that you can do to stop a sports injuries from happening in your wrist or arm. There is also a lot you can do to help a wrist injuries or arm injuries heal faster once it has happened,

Five healthy habit to avoid wrist injuries

1. Strengthen your wrists

Improve wrist strength and flexibility with some effective, simple exercises. This could help ward off wrist injuries from happening at all. Incorporate them into your daily workout routine, and you will quickly notice results. Hold your arms out in a T-position to your body. Rotate so the palms of your hands are facing up. Then rotate so they are facing down. Do this ten times, trying just to move your wrists.

wrist injuries - wrist support

You can also do this while sitting, arms out at 90 degrees, palms upwards. Hold a resistance band or some light weights. Twist your wrists, so your palms are down. Then twist them back to their original position. Do this ten times. Finally, another good exercise for strengthening wrists is the simple wrist curl. Hold weights in both hands and curl them up and down, using just the wrists to move them. It is good practice to avoid wrist injuries.

2. Strengthen your arms

Arms can benefit from many exercises that target different parts, such as the biceps and triceps. Don’t forget to work the forearms too. A good tip for these is to work on pull-ups. This involves holding onto a bar positioned above your head with both hands. Make sure your feet are not touching the floor and pull your body up using your forearms and hands only.

wrist injuries - straight arm

Deadlifts can also help, as these help you to work on your grip as well as on arm strength. Unless you have arm injuries, try to focus on booth arms equally, so the muscles built together. Seek medical advice if you are unsure about working out with sports injuries.

3. Relieve aches and pains naturally

If you overdo it, you might or notice some aches and pains in your wrists and arms. This could be due to working out too much or straining them during training. Place a warm towel or hot compress over the aching area for 15 minutes. This helps ease pain and boost blood flow to the area. You can also boost circulation by walking around for a short while to get your heart pumping a little harder.

Conversely, if you are suffering from a tissue injuries, a cold compress or ice pack can help reduce swelling and inflammation. Again, apply for 15 minutes and repeat daily for a few days until symptoms ease. Sleep with your arm or wrist on a pillow to elevate it at night and help promote healthy blood. Flow.

Get plenty of rest and be patient with yourself while your wrist or arm recovers. You might find that a massage or some essential oils can help too. You can massage lavender oil into the affected area or add a few drops to a warm bath. It helps relax tired muscles and relieve discomfort. The calming lavender aroma also has the added benefit of helping you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

4. Invest in decent wrist or arm support

When you experience a wrist injuries or arm injuries, you may find it easier to wear a specialist support. These are specially shaped to hold the joint in the best position for recovery and to protect it against further knocks or damage. You can get a wide range of wrist supports and equipment to protect arms, hands and shoulders too. Supports offer different levels of protection, from gentle compression to manage inflammation to full restriction of movement for quicker healing.

Supports product

Use the gentler wrist and arm supports for sprains and strains. Longer-term conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow might need more support. Broken or dislocated bones will need professional treatment such as a splint or cast. This will keep the joint from moving and let the bones heal in the right place.

5. Do your physiotherapy

Finally, if you have been prescribed a course of physiotherapy after a wrist injuries or an arm injuries, it is crucial that you follow through with it and keep your appointments. A physiotherapist will know what exercises to do to speed up your specific injury’s recovery. They will also be able to monitor your progress and adjust your exercises to suit your rate of recovery.

A good physiotherapist can explain what has happened to you and why you need to do the various exercises. You may just need one or two sessions, or you may need to commit to a longer treatment plan to get rid of wrist injuries. Think of it as an investment in your sports training future. It’s all part of the bigger picture, along with exercise, rest and choosing and wearing the right wrist or arm support for recovery.

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