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Top 10 Golf Accessories To Buy for Golf Fan

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Top 10 Golf Accessories To Buy for Golf Fan

The great thing about golf is that you can play it in almost any weather. It is accessible to players of all levels and a great way to exercise in the fresh air. It also offers a lot of benefits like healthy competition, opportunities to socialise and can even help improve concentration. For people who count golf fans amongst their friends and family, the sport also offers inspiration for choosing gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. Every golfer deserves to have their very own golf accessories.

So, from support aids for assisting with a golf injury or posture correction to bags and trolleys, here are our top ten golf accessories.

Don’t forget the golf support kit

It could be tempting to splash out on some fun golf accessories such as furry golf club covers, golf balls with colourful logos or tartan hats and plus fours. However, if your golf fan is serious about his or her game, different kits will be appreciated far more. For instance, equipping them with golf support devices to help ease pain, improve posture or tackle injuries. This is why our list kicks off with four pieces of specialist kit designed for golf injury support.

1. Compression Wrist Support

Golfers who experience injuries in the wrist usually suffer from tendon inflammation caused by overuse of the joint. The tendons in the wrists can become swollen and sore, which prevents golfers from holding the club properly.

golf accessories - wrist support

A specialist wrist brace or support holds the joint in place and supports it while it heals and is one the important golf accessories. It can also be used before a golf injury occurs to protect the joint from damage.

2. Back Support Belt

As well as a posture corrector, owning a decent lower or upper back brace and support can make all the difference to a golfer who is feeling aches and pains in that area.

Supports product

Choose between a lower or upper back support brace, or a belt that supports the spine after injury. Look for a product that is adjustable, made from breathable material and offers excellent support and protection against a golf injury.

3. Knee Support For Injury

Golfers do a lot of walking, which can play havoc on the knees, especially over long distances. A knee brace offers extra support and helps golfers keep going all the way around the course.

golf accessories - knee support

It can also help prevent a golf injury and add support to a rehabilitating knee joint. Specialist knee support and braces can help ease pains from soft tissue and tendon injuries, as well as sprains, knocks and strained leg or thigh muscles.

4. Golf Ball Personaliser

It can be very difficult to keep track of all those tiny golf balls. Especially when you look exactly the same as everyone else’s. A golf ball personaliser allows a golfer to mark his or her balls out from the rest. You can add a logo, initials or small design to show off your individual style on the golf course.

5. All-Weather Gloves

Did we mention that golf can be played in almost any weather conditions? The secret is in wearing the right clothing. It should be waterproof and warm without restricting movement or impairing vision.

golf accessories- hand gloves

A decent pair of all-weather gloves will prove to be one of the more invaluable golf accessories out there. Gloves will keep the golfer’s fingers warm and protect against flying golf balls, errant golf clubs and driving rain.

6. Golf Trolley

Pulling heavy golf clubs around can take its toll on the back, neck and arms. To help prevent injuries and make life easier out on the golf course, choose a golf trolley that will fit all the golf accessories necessary for a full round. There are different sizes, shapes and colours to choose from to reflect on the golfer’s personal style. Make sure the trolley is sturdy with decent wheels and waterproofing.

7. Golf Posture Corrector

Golfers can experience aches and pains that come directly from not standing properly when taking the shot. Bad posture can arise from sitting badly in the golf buggy or slouching at the bar when having drinks after the game.

golf accessories - Posture corrector

An adjustable posture corrector can be one of the invaluable golf accessories that will help to train the body to correctly align the neck, back and shoulders. It will help golfers stand correctly and avoid pains and pulled muscles disrupting their game.

8. Golf Clubs Stand Bag

Accompanying the golf trolley is the stand bag to hold the clubs steady while you choose the best one to use for your shot. Again, there are different types and sizes to pick from, plus almost any colour imaginable to help your favourite golfer stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget that the bag will need to be carried safely, so try to find one that has wheels or straps and that is ergonomically designed for easier transportation.

9. Umbrella

The golfing umbrellas are an iconic golf accessories , not only out on the course, but also on country walks, picnics, school sports days and other outdoor events held in rainy Britain. The extra-large size allows the golfer and kit to stay dry out on the course and the vibrant colours add some extra cheer to the scene. What’s not to like?

10. Golf Chip Net

Finally, every golfer likes to keep up with their practice, but it isn’t always possible to get out onto the course. Help the golfer in your life improve on their handicap wherever they are with a portable golf chip net. It will help them improve their game and keep them busy until they can get back out onto the golf course again.

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