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How to Prevent Common Running Injuries?

How to Prevent Common Running Injuries?

Running is a great way to make you physically fit and improve your overall health. Whether you have just started to run or have been running for years, you are at a high risk of getting injured. The more your interest grows, the risk of injury also increases.

Is it Possible to Get Hurt When Running?

Running injuries can happen even if you’re pursuing a perfect training plan or goals. A research at Harvard Medical school states that 30% to 75% of the runners get injured annually.. It’s essential to be aware of the most common running injuries so you can take precautions to avoid them.

Running injuries might be minor and require mild changes in training and self-care. They can be severe and need extra care than usual to avoid long-term damage. In either case, these major hurdles can be unpleasant and also prevent you from running permanently.

Injuries That Occur While Running

Many runners and athletes suffer from injuries due to some causes like improper protective Equipment, overtraining, etc. It’s crucial to take it gradually when you are increasing your miles or running intensity. You shouldn’t increase your weekly distance by more than ten per cent every week. You can continue to test your boundaries but do it slowly and patiently. It’s always a good thing to avoid discomfort and pain while still achieving your goals. However, the common running injuries are:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Muscle sprain and strain
  • Arthritis

Precaution Measures to Take Before Running

Even though running-related injuries are prevalent, many of them can be avoided. You need to take the necessary precautions and give yourself enough time to get ready when recovering.

  • Warm-Up Before Running: Running demands a full range of motion, and injuries frequently occur due to this. Warming up before running allows our bodies to run more smoothly and efficiently. It also raises your heart and breathing rate and increases blood flow to warm up the legs’ muscles.
  • Protective Equipment: wearing the appropriate protective Equipment while running, like supports and braces, is essential for avoiding severe injuries. They are also great to limit the severity of leg injuries that you’ve been suffering from.

Leg Supports to Prevent Running Injuries

Running Injuries - thigh support

When you’re running, you want to give it your all and achieve your targets. You’re always looking for ways to improve yourself. But, If you suffer from injuries or pains when running, leg braces will provide you support and comfort to continue with your training or running. 

Knee Support That Can Prevent You From Injury

The majority of runners and athletes have experienced knee pain due to overtraining or extra running. If you want to prevent running injuries or pain, you’ve probably considered wearing a compression sleeve or brace. 

Compression Knee Supports

Compression knee supports help to prevent injury, pain, discomfort, and inflammation. They help patients with arthritis, sports injuries, and joint discomfort by supporting and stabilising the knees.

Running Injuries - Knee support

During an exercise or other outdoor activities, compression supports/sleeves provides maximum muscle support and blood supply and helps to prevent running injuries.

Close and Open Patella Knee Straps

Braces with an open patella relieve knee pressure and additional knee cap support while moving and stretching correctly. Closed patella braces offer adequate support and compression at the knee cap with the same pressure.

Calf Supports to Reduce the Risk of Injury And Pain

Runners who wish to stay fit and healthy may need calf supports when participating in and enjoying their sports activities. Calf support and braces help you take part in marathons and help to prevent running injuries.

Compression Calf Support

Compression calf support is excellent to wear during physical activities such as running, cycling, and working out in the gym. They also aid in the reduction of inflammation and speed up healing time.

Running Injuries - calf  support

Through compression and support, it relieves calf pain and prevents injuries during sports activities.

Neoprene Calf support

Neoprene calf sleeves gently support and promote blood circulation in weak or injured calf muscles. It helps to relieve pain, swelling, and cramps. Wearing them during running or while having an injury in a sports activity is ideal to prevent running injuries. It also aids in the recovery of shin splints, torn calf muscle, and calf sprain and strain.

Ankle Support to Treat Ankle Injury and Pain

If you can’t stop running or avoid marathons, it’s better to wear ankle support and braces for your feet safety. They’re all made for people prone to Injury or already have been experiencing one of them while running.

Neoprene Ankle Support

Neoprene ankle braces enhance running efficiency, minimise pain, and improve blood circulation. It helps to protect the ankle and reduces the chance of Injury.

Running Injuries - knee support

When participating in sports like running, jogging, or climbing, you can wear it all day. It is also great to relieve arthritis pain, tendonitis, and muscular discomfort and pressure.


Keep in mind that increasing your speed and miles might make you feel tired and weary than usual. So, it’s essential to keep yourself protected and can easily avoid injuries when you start running. The legs are protected by a brace or support from overstretching or over-pulling. They may also aid in the prevention of both acute and long-term running Injuries.

360 Relief carries a vast selection of high leg braces and supports to help protect your muscles, joints, and tissues. Leg braces and supports of greater quality are ideal for injury recovery and severe pain and discomfort. Plus, All running supports are available in various sizes and colours.

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