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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2022: Here is How to Prevent the Injuries

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2022: Here is How to Prevent the Injuries

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is one of the most thrilling or exciting games of the year for tennis lovers. The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2022 has arrived, and it offers a wide selection of sports and entertainment options for tennis fanatics. The famous tennis tournament, held in London, England, is one of the Grand Slam tournaments in men’s tennis. Tennis zealots from around the world come to the tournament every year to watch the best in the world compete on the beautiful grass courts of the Wimbledon Tennis Club.

As well as this, watching the tournament also encourages most tennis enthusiasts to get out there and play more after seeing their idols playing in one of the iconic tennis events. But playing tennis on the grassy surfaces can be very tricky, as the grassy surfaces are slippery. It has been reported that injuries are common in both situations, i.e., during practice or tournaments. This article is a detailed account of the injury rate in tennis and the common injuries reported in tennis. As well as this, extensive research has been made on preventive measures, helping avoid injuries during tennis. So, let’s begin the discussion here;

The injury rate in tennis

Tennis injuries are common in both the upper and the lower extremities. A  tennis injury rate report has shown that the injury rate in junior or amateur tennis players is between 0.6 and 1.7 for every 1000 hours of playing tennis. On the other hand, the injury rate is slightly higher among professional adult tennis players, ranging from 2 to 6 injuries for every 1000 hours of playing tennis. Moreover, it has also been reported that between 2003 and 2012, a total of 700 injuries were seen among the tennis players who participated in The Wimbledon Championships.

The reports have shown that several world-renowned tennis champions are not participating in the championship due to their injuries. Below is the list of the tennis players who are not participating in the Wimbledon Championships due to their injuries:

  • Alexander Zverev, a tennis player who belongs to Germany, is not participating in the Wimbledon due to his serious injuries during the French Open semi-final.
  • Roger Federer, a Swiss player, is not participating in the game due to his knee problem.
  • Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, is unable to play due to her Achilles injury.
  • Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian tennis player who is also not participating due to her shoulder injury.
  • Emma Raducanu is going through a tough year due to niggling injuries, and it is not clear whether she is participating in the Wimbledon tournament or not.
  • Jannik Sinner is an Italian tennis player who is having a wretched time with injuries and is not participating in the tournament focusing on regaining his fitness.

Let’s talk about some of the most common tennis injuries:

Common tennis injuries

The following are the most common tennis-related injuries reported in amateur as well as professional tennis players:

1) Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a very painful condition that occurs when your elbow tendons are overloaded. It may also usually happens due to the repetitive movements of the arm and wrist. The repetitive motions of the elbow or arm and stress to the tissues may result in tiny tears in the tendons – that attach your elbow to the forearm muscles. The most common and possible cause of tennis elbow is the use of backhand stroke repeatedly with poor techniques. The common symptoms of the tennis elbow may include pain and tenderness. You may also feel the limited range of motion of your arm and elbow. However, wearing elbow sleeves for tennis elbow helps relieve pain and also avoids the chances of injuries.

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2) Rotator cuff tear

After tennis elbow, rotator cuff tear is another common injury in tennis players. There are several causes causing rotator cuff tear injury. Overuse is one of the most common causes of rotator cuff tear. For example, repetitive shoulder movements during playing tennis can stress muscles and tendons, causing a tear. The condition is painful, and in severity, it may take you away from the playing court. The common rotator cuff tear symptoms may include pain, popping or clicking sounds, and weakness. Wearing shoulder braces helps control the chances of shoulder injuries during sports, especially when playing tennis.

3) Wrist strain

Overuse and improper technique and equipment are the main causes of wrist injuries, like wrist strain, when playing tennis. As well as this, the excessive wrist motion during the stroke predisposes a tennis player to wrist injuries. Common symptoms of wrist injuries, like wrist strain, may include pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising, loss of motion, and weakness. Experts suggest that wearing wrist support braces can help prevent the impacts of overuse, preventing wrist injuries.

4) Tennis leg

Tennis leg is another most common injury among tennis players that occurs due to a sudden contraction of the calf muscles when your knee is extended and the ankle is flexed. It usually happens during sprinting or when you suddenly change your direction. Pushing off and jumping are other causes causing tennis leg. The tennis leg may result in sudden or sharp pain, popping sound, bruising, and swelling. The best way to avoid the chances of the tennis leg is to wear leg support braces for sports.

5) Achilles tendinitis

Tennis involves running, jumping and side-to-side movements. These actions can put extra pressure on your heels or Achilles tendons, resulting in Achilles tendonitis. The condition may occur in both conditions, practice or participating in a tournament. The common symptoms of Achilles tendinitis may include pain, stiffness, swelling, and difficulty standing. Experts suggest several preventive measures, helping control the chances of overuse injuries like Achilles tendinitis. However, wearing ankle support braces is the most effective way to prevent injury.

How to prevent injuries in tennis

1) Body Warm-up

Experts suggest warming up the body before starting every practice or tournament session. So, ensure that your body is fully warmed up before entering the court. As well as this, you should also cool down your body after ending every session.

2) Use the right gear

Using the right gear or equipment reduces the chances of injuries, ensuring a safe playing experience. Ensure that you use the right-sized racquet, proper footwear, and other equipment to perform well.

3) Take frequent breaks

During practice, you need to take frequent breaks, helping avoid the chances of overuse injuries or the impacts of repetitive movements. Overuse can cause serious injuries that may leave you away from the court for a long time. 

4) Exercises

Stretching exercises keep your body warm-up and stretched, helping get a safe or injury-free experience during practice and competition. Ask your healthcare advisors or professional trainers for the best exercises.

5) Learn proper techniques

Improper techniques can put you at a high risk of injuries during practice and tournaments. Ensure that you learn all the proper techniques, helping you perform well. As well as this, it also keeps you away from injuries.

6) Wear protective garments

Wearing protective gear such as tennis support braces help you avoid the chances of overuse injuries. You need to wear braces when you are susceptible to injury. For example, a tennis player usually needs to wear shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle braces. Consult your healthcare provider or professional trainers to know if there is any need to wear protective garments.

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