MLB Home Run Derby 2022: Here Is How To Prevent Injuries During The Game?


MLB Home Run Derby 2022: Here Is How to Prevent Injuries During the Game?

MLB Home Run Derby 2022: Here Is How to Prevent Injuries During the Game?

Major league baseball, MLB Home Run Derby, is a sport that is related to baseball. However, some rules and regulations applied to the game, making it different from regular baseball. MLB Home Run Derby was first played in the 1980s. According to the officials, it has been declared that it is a multi-year initiative with plans for future expansion. The host country is different for every tournament. However, the UK has been hosting the MLB Home Run Derby. Officials announced that the tournament is going to start on July 9th, 2022. The first will be played at Crystal Palace Park in London.

Watching your favourite players on the field encourages you to go out and play the games. If you are a professional baseball or Home Run Derby X player and play with your friends occasionally or on weekends, you may have the idea that it is a high-paced game. The game requires forceful actions to do bating and throw balls. These actions can cause serious injuries to your body. Research has shown that upper limb injuries in MLB, including shoulder and elbow injuries, are common. However, in some cases, players may also experience lower limb injuries, including knee injuries and ankle injuries. If you are ready to play, you must go, but you have to take an idea about the common injuries possible in MLB Home Run Derby X.

As well as this, players, i.e., whether professional or amateur, must have an idea about the preventive measures, helping them prevent injuries during play. This article is a detailed account of the possible injuries resulting from home run derby or baseball. Moreover, you can also get the possible preventive measures suggested by experts, helping you control the chances of injuries.

Common injuries

The following are the common injuries players may experience when playing home run derby:

1) Rotator cuff injuries

Rotator cuff injury usually happens among baseball layers by the end of the season. If not treated properly, the injury may worsen and keep you away from the field for longer. Rotator cuff injury happens when any of the four tendons or muscles – holding the ball and socket joint becomes torn or frayed. The tendons or muscles are torn partially or completely, depending upon the severity of the damage. The repetitive or overhead motions during batting or throwing can cause muscles or tendons to tear. Sometimes, falling on an outstretched arm or shoulder can also cause shoulder muscles or tendons to tear.

Preventive measures

The following are the most effective preventive measures to help reduce the chances of rotator cuff injuries during baseball:

  • Do not forget to warm up your body before starting practice or match.
  • Always try to maintain a good posture during batting or throwing. A wrong posture may become the reason for putting extra pressure on your body or joints, causing overuse injuries.
  • Take frequent breaks when doing overhead activities or repetitive motions.
  • Wear protective gear, such as shoulder support braces, when necessary.
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2) Labral Tears

A labral tear is another shoulder injury that results in trauma, including shoulder fracture or dislocation. Overuse and repetitive movements of the shoulder are the common causes of labral tear. Baseball Players who repeat shoulder movements or fall on their outstretched arm or shoulder can develop a labral tear. Common labral tear symptoms may include a dull or throbbing pain in the shoulder, locking & catching sensation, shoulder instability, and difficulty sleeping. However, the symptoms may vary depending upon your condition.

Preventive measures

You should adopt the given preventive measures to avoid the chances of a labral tear:

  • Your body warm-up is the primary preventive measure to control the chances of a labral tear.
  • Do regular stretching exercises to strengthen your shoulder muscles and joints
  • Maintain your posture while playing and also listen to your body
  • Wear shoulder support braces during practice and when recommended
  • Learn proper batting or throwing techniques to avoid injury risks

3) Throwers’ elbow

Throwers elbow is a common injury among baseball players involved in throwing actions repeatedly. The injury occurs when you damage your bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons around the elbow joints and forearm. The common symptoms of throwers elbow include pain, weakness, stiffness, restricted range of motion, and numbness. However, symptoms may be different according to your conditions. You should stop playing whenever you feel any symptoms and consult your trainers or healthcare professionals to diagnose the problem. Remember that when left untreated, the symptoms may become severe and take longer to heal.

Preventive measures

Experts suggest the following preventive measures to prevent thrower’s elbow:

4) Knee Injuries

Due to the complex structure of your knees, including bones, cartilages, tendons, and ligaments, your knee is at a high risk of injuries during overhead activities or sports. Baseball or home run derby is a high-contact sport requiring running and twisting movements. All these actions can cause serious injuries to your knees. The common symptoms of knee injuries during sports include pain, swelling, instability, and restricted range of motion.

Preventive measures

The following are the best ways to avoid the risk of knee injuries during sports:

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5) Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is a serious ankle or foot injury. The injury happens due to several reasons. For example, repeated foot motions, improper shoes, or inadequate stretching are common causes of Achilles tendinitis. The condition may result in pain, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty standing.  

Preventive measures 

The given preventive measures will help you prevent the chances of Achilles tendinitis:

  • Be prepared and warm up your body before practise and competition
  • Do stretching exercises regularly to improve your foot flexibility and range of motion
  • Strengthen your calf muscles
  • Wear adequate footwear
  • Avoid overuse and twisting movements
  • Wear ankle support braces to keep your feet warm and active
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No doubt, the scheduling of the MLB Home Run Derby is the most exciting and thrilling news for baseball lovers. Remember that it is one of the high-paced games, and a little carelessness can bring you into a painful condition. The possible injuries mentioned above will help you understand what causes injuries when you play the game. However, the preventive measures given above will help you get a safe or injury-free sports experience.

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