The Strongman Classic 2022: Common Injuries Are Reported In Strongman Athletes


The Strongman Classic 2022: See What Common Injuries are Reported in Strongman Athletes

The Strongman Classic 2022

The Strongman Classic 2022: See What Common Injuries are Reported in Strongman Athletes

London organises the Strongman Classic 2022 – at The Royal Albert Hall. This is the game show where the world’s strongest men are invited to show their unique capabilities. Several other game shows are played from across the world throughout the year. Usually, the Classic Strongman Show is comprised of several powerful games to make world records. The power games may include deadlift, rope pull, giant dumbbell, medley, atlas stones, vehicle pull, Hercules hold, and many others. As these are powerful game shows, they can be dangerous at one point or another. During the power shows, several injuries have been recorded and reported. This article is a detailed account of the common injuries in Strongmen athletes. You can find the common causes and symptoms of the injuries. As well as this, we have listed the possible preventive measures suggested by experts to control the injuries.

The injury rate in the strongman athletes

Strongman athletes are involved in lifting heavyweight and other powerful activities, so that they may be at a higher risk of overuse injuries. A report has been made on the injury in the strongman athletes, and below are its results:

  • A lower back injury:   24%
  • A shoulder injury:       21%
  • Bicep injury:               11%
  • A knee injury:             11%
  • Muscle injury:             38%
  • Tendon injury:            23%
  • Acute injuries:            68%
  • Severe injuries:           47%

Common injuries in strongman Athletes

The following are the most common injuries strongmen may get during practice and competition:

1) Lower back injuries

Several reasons, such as flawed techniques, can put a heavy amount of stress on the lower back. Moreover, when the weight is too high, it can cause muscle injuries to the lower back. The most common back injuries in the strongmen are muscle strain and intervertebral disc herniation or bulge. As well as this, stroking heavy objects or falling during lifting weight can cause lower back injuries. The common symptoms of lower back injuries may include pain, instability, and a restricted range of motion. Wearing back support braces during practise or competition can avoid the chances of lower back injuries.  

2) Shoulder injuries

Overusing the shoulder muscles and lifting heavy weight can put significant pressure on your shoulders. Strongmen involved in lifting heavy objects, such as deadlifting, atlas stone, pulling the rope, or pulling vehicles, can put extra pressure on the shoulder, causing shoulder injuries. As well as this, hitting weightlifting objects or falling can also cause some serious shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff tear or shoulder fracture. The common symptoms of shoulder injuries may include pain, swelling, instability, tenderness, stiffness, and a restricted range of motion. Professional trainers suggest wearing shoulder support braces for a safe power game experience during practice or competition.

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3) Bicep injuries

Bicep injury is another common injury among strongmen who practice heavily or participate in power shows. There are two main movements causing bicep injuries in strongmen. The first movement involves loading or picking the atlas stone; the second involves cleaning the axis with a varied grip on the supinated arm. These movements require extra power to perform the actions. These decisive actions can cause muscle and tendon injuries. Strongman athletes may experience pain, bruising, weakness, instability, muscle spasm, and other symptoms when they hurt their biceps.

4) Knee injuries

Strongmen involve in powerful movements of actions during their practice or competition. These actions may bring them to awkward movements, collisions, falling, sudden twists, overuse, and excessive use, resulting in a range of knee injuries. The common knee injuries among strongman athletes are bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other injuries. Athletes may feel pain, swelling, heat, redness, tenderness, stiffness, difficulty bending and other symptoms when hurting their knees. However, wearing knee braces helps prevent knee injuries. Ensure that you wear the best knee braces to prevent injuries during practice or competition.

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5) Foot/ankle injuries

Overusing muscles can cause a tiny crack in the ankle, foot, or toe bone. The injury happens when the foot or ankle bones are not able or equipped to absorb the shock demanded by lifting heavyweight. As well as this, exhausted muscles can transfer pressure to the bones, causing a painful stress fracture in the foot or ankle. Stop practising when you feel pain, swelling, difficulty walking, bruising, and tingling sensation in your feet or ankle. You should consult your GP instead to diagnose the problem. If necessary, then wear foot support braces to minimise the chances of injuries.

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How Strongman Athletes can prevent injuries

Strongman athletes are undoubtedly involved in high-contact sports, causing injuries to any part of their body at any instant. However, professional trainers and healthcare professionals recommend some effective preventive measures, helping strongman athletes to prevent injuries during their practice sessions or competition:

1) Body warm-up

Warming up your body is the primary preventive measure to avoid injuries. Whatever training you are going to start, whether it is weightlifting, running, workouts, or any other sports, ensure that your body is fully warmed up before entering the field. As well as this, you should also cool down your body after every sports session to keep your body relaxed and safe.

2) Strength training

For many sportspeople, especially strongman athletes, strengthening exercises play a vital role. Strengthening exercises improve body stability and range of motion, helping perform several actions or movements efficiently. As well as this, regular strengthening exercises also help manage your blood sugar level and improve heart health. 

3) Wear protective gear

Wearing protective gears, such as braces, pads, and straps, help reduce the impacts of extra pressure and overuse. However, you need to choose the best and appropriate protective gear to get maximum benefits.

4) Learn proper techniques

Most strongman athletes are injured due to flawed techniques and inadequate posture or form. Healthcare advisors and professional trainers suggest learning proper techniques to get a safe sports experience.

5) Take frequent breaks

You need to take frequent breaks during your practice to help prevent overuse injuries. Remember that exhausted muscles can put significant stress or pressure on your bones, causing a painful stress fracture.

Conclusion Are you excited about the beginning of the Strongman Classics 2022 and want to start powerful workouts? It sounds thrilling, but you need to take care of the proper techniques and training to avoid injuries. First, take time to understand all the causes causing injuries during a heavy workout. Then follow the above preventive measures to avoid the risk of injuries.

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