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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – Possible Preventive Measures to Avoid Injuries

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – Possible Preventive Measures to Avoid Injuries

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The 2022 commonwealth games, also known as Birmingham 2022, is an international sports event comprised of multiple sports and games. The countries that have official memberships with the Commonwealth can participate in this sports event. For 2022, the sport is scheduled in Birmingham, England. For the 2022 session, the event will start on July 28th, 2022, and last on August 8th, 2022. However, for the 2022 session, 4,600 participants from across 72 countries are participating in the Commonwealth games. However, 280 different medal events will be played at around 15 venues.

Before this, England hosted two times: London 1934 Commonwealth Games and Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. However, it will be the seventh Commonwealth Games event that is going to be held in the UK. The opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and other athletic events will be organized in Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. However, all other Birmingham 2022 sports events will be held in different stadiums and sports grounds located in Birmingham.

What causes injuries in sports?

Several injuries have been reported during the games, and Commonwealth Games are not an exceptional case. Commonwealth games include athletic performances, boxing, tennis, cycling, running, badminton, basketball, hockey, judo, rugby, squash, weightlifting, wrestling, and many others. Many of these games are high-contact sports, and others require repetitive movements and hard practice. These actions can put you at a high risk of injuries.  

Possible preventive measures to avoid injuries in sports

Being a part of a game is really an exciting and joyful feeling. Sporting activities keep you active, and good performances and skills also bring incredible sports careers chances for you. However, being injured can keep you away from the field, and in some severe conditions, you may lose your strength and skills to perform well. This is why healthcare professionals and experts suggest preventive measures, helping avoid the chances of injuries. Here we have discussed the most effective preventive measures suggested by the experts to help you get a safe training session and injury-free sports experience.

1) Body warm-up

Warming up your body before every practice and sports session is crucial. Proper body warm-ups increase the heart rate and blood circulation, helping you prepare your body for strenuous activities. Warming up your body property also allows you to stretch the muscles for all the physical activities, preventing overuse injuries.

2) Learn proper techniques

Your playing techniques also play a vital role in your performance. Ensure that you have learned all the necessary techniques properly. Remember that poor mechanics or techniques can exert extra pressure on your joints and muscles. This may bring you at a high risk of overuse injuries.

3) Wear protective gears

For many ports and athletic activities, you are required to wear protective gear to bear the impacts of overuse activities and repetitive movements. For all the major body parts involved in proper action to perform well, you can find protective gear. For example, wearing sports performance braces, such as shoulder support braces, wrist support braces, elbow support braces, knee support braces, calf support braces, ankle support braces, and others, helps you keep your joints aligned and supported, reducing the chances of overuse injuries during sports.

4) Wear proper footwear

Every athlete or sportsperson needs to wear footwear. For example, running, weightlifting, football, cycling, skiing, hiking, and all other ports require footwear to enhance your performance. As well as this, proper footwear also keeps your feet protected during sports. However, you need to wear properly fitted footwear to ensure the feet’ safety and good performance.

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5) Stay hydrated

Experts suggest staying hydrated for several purposes. For example, staying hydrated helps you maintain blood pressure during strenuous activities. Consequently, your heart does not work harder to maintain blood flow at the norm. As well as this, staying hydrated also ensures the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping you avoid muscle injuries.

6) Take frequent breaks

Experts suggest taking regular breaks during your practice session. Studies have shown that keeping your body constantly under stress can lead to accumulated fatigue. However, taking frequent breaks during your practice and sports sessions helps your muscles and body to recover quickly, preventing overuse injuries.

7) Take a balanced diet

Proper intake of nutrition is essential for athletes to support their general health. As well as this, regular and adequate nutrition intake is a training need of professional athletes or sportspeople. Experts reveal that a suitable or balanced diet provides people with enough energy ad nutrients, helping them meet the demands of training and sports activities.

8) Always start a new practice under your trainers’ instructions

Starting a new training or exercise can be a challenging task ever. Actually, it takes time to be acquainted with the new techniques and exercises. So, ensure that your professional trainer is always there to guide you. Remember that improper techniques or overuse can put you at a high risk of injuries – that may keep you always from the training session or sports court.

9) Never left the symptoms untreated

Whenever you feel pain, aches, swelling, and other symptoms at any part of your body, never leave them untreated. Remember that when left untreated, mild symptoms can become a chronic illness. So, if you feel any discomfort during your practice session or after sports, consult your GP immediately and know the cause. This will help you determine the problems and treat them accurately.

10) Give your injury proper time to heal 

Unfortunately, if you suffer from any injury during or after your training or sports session, give it the proper time to heal. Consult your GP or healthcare professional and treat the disease accordingly. Remember that the chances of injury reoccurring are high after recovering from your injury. So, be careful about your every activity after recovering from an injury. Although, wearing injury support braces and bandages helps speed up recovery. At 360 relief, you can get a wide range of sports braces to get a safe or injury-free sports experience.


Commonwealth games are on the head, and every sports enthusiast is looking excited. Indeed, these sports events encourage sports lovers to practice and participate in their favourite games. But remember that injuries are common in some high-contact sports. However, keeping in mind all the possible preventive measures mentioned above will help you train yourself safely and get an injury-free sports experience.

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