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World Arthritis Day – Awareness and Empowerment for Arthritic Patients

World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day – Awareness and Empowerment for Arthritic Patients

World Arthritis Day, generally observed on October 12 of every year, is one of the significant platforms to discuss the multi-layered challenges of arthritis. The joint inflammatory condition known as arthritis is one of the prevalent conditions that give rise to health concerns, globally. Arthritis affects people of innumerable ages and backgrounds and minimises their quality of life.

This article is designed to explore all about arthritis and a day to raise its awareness. You will also discover the information that can dispel all the information and get a holistic approach to arthritis management. This day also serves as an opportunity to improve the lives of people affected by arthritis.

Understanding Arthritis and Its Types

Before getting into World Arthritis Day, it is important to learn what Arthritis is. The word “Arthritis” means “inflammation of joints.” Arthritis also causes the degeneration of joints to some extent. Not only joints but it also affects the surrounding structures of joints such as ligaments and tendons. It can cause inflammation and pain in joints and limits the activity of daily living. It can occur in multiple parts of the body such as the lower back, feet, hip, or knee.

It is one of the broader terms and often covers 100s of joint inflammatory conditions. However, the common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and gout. There are tons of risk factors for arthritis such as weight or lifestyle. The symptoms of arthritis often include swelling, stiffness, redness, warmth, and pain.

Pinpointing tender areas and checking the range of motion of joints are effective ways of diagnosing arthritis. Using medications such as NSAIDs and therapeutic injections can help with arthritis. Yes, physical therapy is also an effective solution to manage arthritis. In case it worsens, surgical options like joint replacement and fusion are prescribed.

What is World Arthritis Day?

In this section, you will learn all about World Arthritis Day, including its history and theme:

  • History of World Arthritis Day

It is an international effort to raise awareness for arthritis. In 1973, the ISAP or International Association for the Study of Pain was founded. As arthritis is one of the painful conditions, it becomes the significant focus of this foundation. In 1996, ISAP officially initiated World Arthritis Day. It was observed on 12 October 1996 for the first time and from now on, it is symbolised as the addressing of arthritic pain. Every year, on the 12th of October, its global awareness campaigns occur. ‘

  • ●        The Theme of World Arthritis Day

The theme of World Arthritis Day does not remain the same every year and varies accordingly. These themes are basically designed to address the needs and challenges of arthritis that are evolving every year. Some of the past themes of World Arthritis Day are listed below for you:

  • 2010 – It’s in your hands, take action
  • 2011 – Move to Improve
  • 2012 – Time2Work
  • 2013 – Smile2Work
  • 2014 – Work better with Arthritis
  • 2015 – Share the burden
  • 2016 – The future is in your hands
  • 2017 – Don’t delay, connect today
  • Importance of World Arthritis Day

There are several reasons that show why World Arthritis Day holds significant importance. It is one of the medically dedicated occasions that aware people globally. The points listed here will help you in better understanding of World Arthritis Day:

  • Educating People

Arthritis is a common health problem so it is important for all people to know about it. This will help in early diagnosis so people can reach out for a cure, as soon as possible.

  • Helping Patients

Arthritic patients face issues and restrictions while performing the activities of daily living. Thus, by raising awareness, we can help arthritic patients to understand their conditions and become less worried.

  • Collaboration and Economic Impact

Because of World Arthritis Day, healthcare professionals can unite under a common cause and foster collaborative bonds. It can also impact the economy in a good way and help in managing healthcare costs and challenges.

  • Enhancing QOL

Quality of life is a crucial matter for every person. Yet to enhance the quality of life of people suffering from arthritis, it is important to guide them about the ways to enhance it. This may include addressing mental challenges and tricks to move freely.

Tips for Arthritic Patients to Enhance Quality of Life

If you are suffering from arthritis and want to enhance your quality of life, then this section is for you. Yet, developing a personalised healthcare plan with healthcare professionals is also important. Some of the tips through which you can enhance the quality of life are given here:

  • Before anything else, follow your prescription plans accordingly. Take your medications regularly and if you experience any side effects, consult them as soon as possible.
  • Next, try to engage in physical activities such as walking. The arthritic patients should be able to maintain their muscle strength and flexibility of joints.
  • You have to maintain a healthy weight in order to reduce stress on your joints. Other than this, pay attention to your diet and try to consume healthy foods.
  • For optimal joint protection, you can use assistive devices such as braces and splints. You can also learn about the scenarios in which you can use assistive products, here.
  • If you feel sudden pain and stiffness in joints, use hot or cold packs for inflammation management and to provide comfort to joints.
  • Rest and sleep as per your body’s demands and manage stress with deep breathing or yoga exercises. Make your environment more arthritis-friendly to perform the activities of daily living with ease.

What Can I Do on World Arthritis Day?

There is a wide array of activities that you can do to play your role in arthritis awareness. A few of them are listed here:

  • You can take part in volunteer programs in order to support arthritis management organisations.
  • You can take part in fundraising activities for arthritic patients or educate people suffering from arthritis.
  • You can take part in multiple types of community events such as picnics, exhibitions, or meditation sessions.
  • You can arrange events in which healthcare professionals can raise awareness about arthritis, and its prevention or management.


World Arthritis Day is one of the significant platforms to raise awareness about arthritis and its management. It is celebrated on 12 October of every year and aims to raise awareness and educate people about arthritis. The joint inflammatory diseases are termed as arthritis and it has several types. Moreover, if you are wondering about the theme of World Arthritis Day, know that it varies every year. To play your role in World Arthritis Day, you can perform several activities which are mentioned above. Other than that, arthritic patients can also learn about the tips for enhancing the quality of life, from the above article.

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