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Strong Today, Stronger Tomorrow: Celebrating World Osteoporosis Day

Strong Today, Stronger Tomorrow Celebrating World Osteoporosis Day

Strong Today, Stronger Tomorrow: Celebrating World Osteoporosis Day

In this fast-paced world, it is not easy to pay attention to all the vital structures of the body. We often do breathing exercises for healthy lungs, and eat good food for a healthy gut, but what about our bones? The bones are the foundation of the human body that helps in mobility and provides protection to underlying structures. A condition that affects our bones in a bad way is osteoporosis. Innumerable people around the world are threatened by this condition.

Which is why it is important to raise awareness of it. On 20th October of every year, people all across the globe celebrate World Osteoporosis Day. It serves as a powerful reminder to pay attention to bone health. This article is dedicated to the auspicious day named World Osteoporosis Day. So, let us know how to stay strong today to have a bright and stronger future.

Understanding Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease and is the common culprit behind the breakage of bones in the elderly. The bones commonly affected by Osteoporosis are the forearm, wrist, vertebrae, and hip. The bone mass, in this condition, degrades to lower than normal and impacts a person’s ability to perform activities of daily living. It is mainly accompanied by menopause and andropause.

There are several other factors that can cause osteoporosis, such as anorexia, kidney disease, chemotherapy, smoking, and more. For diagnosis of osteoporosis, one can take assistance from a Dexa scan. To prevent osteoporosis, one should pay attention to diet and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The fractures in osteoporosis are mostly called fragile fractures.

Why Bone Health Matters

Bones are responsible for providing a structural framework for our bodies. Bones help in supporting the muscles and vital organs and also assist us in performing activities like walking. All the organs are mainly protected by the bones.

The smoothness in movement also comes with stronger bones and good mineral strength. The bone marrow in bones also produces the blood cells which are crucial for immunity and oxygen transportation in bodies. Bones also participate in regulating hormones. In short, a human body is nothing without bones.

World Osteoporosis Day – History and Significance

On the 20th of October, 1996, World Osteoporosis Day was launched. From that day till now, this day has played an important role in granting awareness to osteoporotic patients and other people. It can be a major cause of disability in both men and women, so it is important to be aware of keeping their bones healthy. Osteoporosis makes the bone so weak that even a minor fall can lead to painful bone fractures.

There are multiple risk factors of Osteoporosis such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, or lack of physical activity. Every year has its own theme: for example, 2002 was preventing a first fracture, 2015 was severing up bone health, and 2017 was Love Your Bones – Protect Your Future.

Promoting Bone Health for Stronger Tomorrow

If you have strong and healthy bones, it means you have an active and fulfilling life. In order to have a stronger tomorrow, it is important to take care of your bone health today. With bone health promotion, you can have better structural support along with flexible mobility. Promoting bone health is not a challenging task.

You have to pay attention to some basic factors for good bone health. This includes a balanced diet, routine exercise, regular body check-ups, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. With a proactive approach to significant bone health, you can not only prevent osteoporosis but can also enhance overall mobility. If you have pain with mobility, use body support products such as a knee brace for pain relief.

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How to Play Your Role in World Osteoporosis Day

Do you want to be an enthusiastic person and play your part in Osteoporosis Day? No worries because here are a few things through which you can play your role on Osteoporosis Day. Some of these ways are:

  • You can connect with local media such as TV stations or newspaper stations to amplify your message.
  • You can also participate in health fairs and share valuable information on Osteoporosis.
  • To extend your reach and to share your message to raise awareness, use official hashtags.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and include vitamin D and calcium in your diet.

Final Thoughts

According to the above-given information, World Osteoporosis Day is a great day for sharing valuable insights on Osteoporosis. It is indeed a discomforting disorder which makes your bone brittle and spongy. Because of this, the bones are at higher risk of breakage and discomfort. Osteoporosis is quite common in elderly people and affects the quality of life. You can play your role in society by raising awareness about osteoporosis on Osteoporosis Day. Moreover, try to promote a healthy lifestyle and participate in healthy activities so your STRONGER TODAY will lead to STRONGER TOMORROW.

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