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Should You Wear Workout Gloves? Pros & Cons to Consider

Workout Gloves

Should You Wear Workout Gloves? Pros & Cons to Consider

When you see some people wearing gloves during a workout, and others don’t bother with it, you may have wondered: whether you should wear workout gloves or not. Wearing gloves for a workout, especially a weightlifting, is surely a personal choice. Wearing gloves may also depend on what you are comfortable with and how they help improve your workout activities. If you are thinking of picking up a pair of workout gloves, take a look at these pros and cons, allowing you to choose the right option for you.

Advantages of Wearing Workout Gloves

1.   Hands Protection against Calluses and Blisters

When lifting heavyweight, the friction of the weights repeatedly rubbing against your skin can develop calluses or other small rough spots on your hands or wrists. When you continuously exercise with calluses without protecting your hands, they can crack or become painful. A hurting hand during a workout can, obviously, delay your progress in your fitness program. This is the reason experts suggest wearing gym gloves to keep your hands protected to stay focused on your workout. 

2. No Need Of Messy Chalk

Fitness enthusiasts may use gym chalk, helping decrease sweat and enhance their grip. But, many workout professionals discard using gym chalk as it is messy and sometimes difficult to clean. As well as this, some people are sensitive to breathing in chalk dust and may cough or sneeze during the workout, reducing the capability of the workout. If you have such problems, don’t use chalks, and wear gym gloves instead. The types of gym gloves, such as neoprene palm support for weight lifting, help absorb sweat and support palm grip strength, preventing the chances of hand injuries.

3. No Risk of Dropping Weight

While working out intensely, sweating is unavoidable. Sweating is a way to regulate the body’s internal temperature. Sweated hands can increase the chances of dropping weight from your hands. Depending on your workout position, the weight may slip on your hands, chest, belly, leg, or foot. A sudden impact of weight can cause minor to severe injuries. Wearing gym hand gloves, reduces the chances of weight slipping while lifting it. This will improve your posture and make you more confident in lifting weight easily.

4. Gloves Help Increase Stability  

Lifting heavyweight can put extra pressure on your hands or wrists, which is one of the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries related to hands or wrists. Wearing hand gloves provide stability and security to your hands or wrists, preventing extra pressure and stress. If one has previously injured his fingers, hands, wrists, or arms, wearing hand gloves can provide additional protection to control the injury. They also help build a thin but stable base around your hands and wrists, helping increase your grip stability for a longer weightlifting duration.

5. Protection against Viruses and Other Harmful Particles

Wearing workout gloves provide your hands with an extra layer to protect your hands against virus transmission. As well as this, they also help prevent the transfer of other nasties and harmful particles that are left on the workout equipment. If you have an open wound on your hands, it is pretty easy for foreign bodies to enter your body while working out. 

Disadvantages of Wearing Workout Gloves

1. Gloves Are Heavens for Bacteria

We will hate to think about the existence of bacteria in our workout gloves, but it is possible. Just imagine how much sweat is absorbed into your workout gloves even after one session. If you ever owned a single pair of workout gloves, how many times do you wash them? Not often, right? For regular workout professionals, it is not easy to clean and maintain hand gloves, and they may tend to break down after a number of washes. Wearing workout gloves for a long time means your hands are exposed to bacteria that cause rashes or infections, which can negatively impact your workout routine.  

2. Skin Issues

Wearing workout gloves is not a good idea for people having skin issues or other allergic conditions. Eczema is a most common skin problem which is aggravated by sweat. Wearing workout gloves for a long time can cause sweat moisture to trap between the fingers and palms of the gloves, worsening eczema.  

3. Gloves Can Be Stinky

As mentioned above, workout gloves can be heaven for bacteria. They can produce unpleasant smells in your gloves that can irritate you during your workout. You can try washing your gloves, but the smell will still exist because it is not easy to reach every tiny portion of a glove. The smell of your gloves can travel to other gadgets, including workout suits, bags, towels, and more.   

4. Gym Gloves Are Not Long-Lasting 

If you decide to use workout gloves, be prepared to buy a lot of them. Workout gloves are pretty fragile because of all the added stitching, finger holes, zippers, and sweating.

5. Limited Control

Your workout gloves can restrict certain moves or workout techniques, including dynamic barbel moves. Wearing workout gloves can make it difficult to keep the bar sitting in your palm, and the gloves smoothness can push the bar onto our fingers. It can compromise the entire alignment of the exercise.

The Final Note 

To conclude our discussion, we would like to add that wearing workout gloves is a personal choice. Some people swear with them and never enter the gym without the potential equipment gears; however, other claims that protective gears interfere with their workout. Before making the final decision: whether you should go with protective equipment like workout gloves or not, considering the pros and cons can be helpful. As well as this, you need to consult your healthcare professional or professional workout trainers to know whether there is a need for workout gloves or not.

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